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We come in convenient 80 / 100 / 200 / 250 / 500gm and 1Kg packs.

Noodles Making Process

The main ingredient of Akshaya Noodles is maida. In the dough maker, all the ingredients (maida + water) are mixed. Depending on the variety of noodles either fresh Egg or Tomato Puri or potato/Veg. sauce is also added.

The smooth dough we get from dough maker then gets rolled into continous belt like sheets. The size of these sheets is reduced based on the noodle size we want and it is further subjected to a cutter which shreds the dough sheet into fine noodle threads.

After the dough sheet is cut into noodle threads, they are subjected to steaming. This makes the noodles an instant fast to cook food product.

Steamed noodles are once again shaped to have smooth and polished edges.

Finally the steamed and shaped noodles are dried in an oven for 8 to 12 hrs. Time varies based on the size of the noodles. Akshaya Noodles is best known for its 100% indoor hygiene drying.

After rolling, cutting, steaming, shaping and drying the all done Akshaya Noodles are packed in the best way to retain taste and to offer long shelf life.

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